Advanced Dental Services & Technology – Rio Rancho, NM

Taking Dental Care Into the Future

Woman receiving 3 D C T cone beam digital x-ray scans

Everywhere you look, technology is rapidly changing. This is no different for the dental field, especially when you view the various types of equipment found in dental offices today. At Southwest Dental, we want to stay at the forefront of these changes, which is why we provide the latest, most advanced forms of dental technology available. These innovative devices make it possible to ensure greater accuracy and precision while also reducing recovery times and improving the dental patient experience.

Committed to State-of-the-Art & Comfortable Dental Experiences

  • Safer Diagnostic Imaging
  • Enhanced Visuals for Greater Patient Education
  • Early Cavity Detection for Improved Oral Health


Intraoral Cameras

Dentist capturing smile images with an intraoral camera

Trying to envision what the dentist was telling you was once the only way to understand what was happening inside your mouth. Now, we can use intraoral cameras to show you exactly what is going on with your teeth and gums. Scanning the mouth with a camera-tipped, handheld device, the images are projected onto a nearby screen, allowing you to view in real-time the same images your dentist sees when looking inside your mouth. This allows for greater patient education as well as an explanation of why treatment is necessary.


All-Digital X-Rays

All digital x-rays on tablet computer screen

Instead of traditional X-ray systems, our dental office uses advanced technology to capture digital X-rays of your teeth and gums. Emitting significantly less radiation than former radiographs, ours do not require harsh chemicals or wasted time spent in a darkroom. Instead, these images are captured quickly and stored digitally, making it easier to retrieve the images later should it be necessary. Also, the high-resolution scans allow for more thorough diagnostics and treatment planning.

Cavity Detection System

Smile model and stethoscope

Pinpointing tooth decay early on is essential if you want to reduce your risk and avoid extensive restorative care in the future. This is why our cavity detection system is such a vital component of our dental office. This unique device scans teeth to identify even the slightest hint of decay. By identifying these areas in their earliest stages, we can adopt safe and effective treatment options to stop the spread of decay and improve the health of your smile.

CBCT Scanner

CBCT scanner

Our CBCT scanner gives us the ability to create a high-definition 3D map of your dental anatomy. Instead of just showing us a few teeth close up like an X-ray, the image includes both rows of teeth, your jaws, and even the location of adjacent facial nerves. This can help us establish a baseline at your initial visit, and it also enables us to precisely plan for procedures like dental implant placement and TMJ therapy.

iTero Digital Impression Scanner

patient receiving an intraoral scan

Ever had an impression of your teeth taken using dental putty? If so, then it probably wasn’t your favorite experience. Thankfully, we can now scan the mouth in a matter of seconds to create a digital model of your bite. The entire process only takes about five minutes, is extremely accurate, and saves everyone from the mess of the old method!